Our Mandate

By virtue of Executive Order 119 s. 1986 “Reorganizing the Ministry of Health, Its Attached Agencies and for Other Purposes”, the Bureau of Medical Services (BMS) was abolished and its regulatory functions were performed by the Bureau of Licensing and Regulation (BLR). The implementation of E.O. 102 s. 1999 “Redirecting the Functions and Operations of the DOH”, created structural and organization shift to improve efficiency and effectiveness in the regulation of health facilities and services. The functions of the BLR scaled up to include other regulatory functions, such as regulation of clinical laboratories and medical x-ray facilities. The BLR became known as the Bureau of Health Facilities and Services (BHFS). Thru the approval of the DOH Rationalization Plan in 2014, the name Bureau of Health Facilities and Services has been changed to Health Facilities and Services Regulatory Bureau (HFSRB)

Cluster : Health Regulations Cluster
Target Population/Clients : Health Facilities
Area of Coverage : National