Covid-19 Testing Laboratory

Administrative Order:

  • Administrative Order No. 2020-0014 – Guidelines in Securing a License  to  Operate  a COVID-19 Testing  Laboratory  in  the  Philippines.
    • Annex-A – Assessment Tool for Licensing a Covid-19 Testing Laboratory
    • Annex-B1 – Laboratory Assessment Tool
    • Annex-B2 – Laboratory Biosafety Assessment Tool
    • Annex-C – Laboratory Biosafety Guidance for Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV): Interim Recommendations
    • Annex-D1 – Reference Plan for Free-Standing COVID-19  Testing Laboratory using RT-PCR
    • Annex-D2 – Checklist for Review of Floor plans COVID-19 Testing Laboratory using RT-PCR
    • Annex-E – Application for License to Operate COVID-19 Testing Laboratory

Department Circular: