Administrative Order No. 2018-0001: Revised Rules and Regulations Governing the Licensure of Land Ambulances and Ambulance Service Providers 

Administrative Order No. 2016-0029: Rules and Regulations Governing the Licensure of Ambulances and Ambulance Service Provider


Department Circular No. 2018-0143: Registration of Patient Transport Vehicles

Department Circular No. 2017-0222: Guidelines on the Issuance of License to Operate an Ambulance and Ambulance Service Provider for 2017

Department Circular No. 2016-0357: Extension of Moratorium Period for compliance for All Ambulance and Ambulance Service Providers


Application Form 1– (for new and renewal License to Operate(LTO)/Certificate of Accreditation (COA) and Authority to Operate (ATO))

Application Form 2– (for change/s in existing Health Facility)

Assessment Tool

Schedule of Fees for Application for License to Operate as an Ambulance Service Provider and Ambulance Vehicle