About Us:



  • Set minimum standards for regulation of health facilities and services
  • Disseminate regulatory policies and standards for information and compliance
  • Issue permits to construct, License to Operate and Certificate of Accreditation
  • Monitoring of health facilities and services to ensure sustainability of health facilities compliance wioth regulatory standards
  • Provide technical assistance, consultaion and advisory services to stakeholders regarding health facilities regulation
  • Develop and constructs research relative to regulation of health facilities and services
  • Conducts fact-finding on complaints against health facilities and services
  • Acts on complaints againist hospitals and other health facilities


Standards Development Division

Specific Functions:

  • Formulate/ revise the following for health facilities and services:
    • Regulatory standards
    • Technical requirements
    • Guidelines and SOPs
  • Establish consultative mechanisms to ensure applicability of regulatory srandards
  • Ensure systematic dissemination of regulatory standards
  • Recommend issuance of permit to construct for hospitals and other health facilities
  • Evaluate appropriateness/ relevance of existing standards
  • Procide consultative and advisory services relative to regulatory standards and technical requirements; and
  • Regulate practice of health-related services specifically on providers not covered by the Professional Regulation Commission

Regulatory Compliance and Enforcement Division

Specific Functions:

  • Evaluate and act on application for:
    • Licensing
      • Initial and Renewal (Level II and Level III)
      • Other Facilities
    • Accreditation
      • OFW Medical clinics
      • Ambulatory surgical clinics
      • Other Facilities
    • Application for Permit to Construct
  • Conduct inspection of ospitals and other health facilities
  • Recommend issuance of LTO, certificate of accreditation, permit to construct and clearance for SEC endorsements
  • Authenticate medical examination, certificates and AIDS Free certifications for OFWs
  • Analyze statistical reports of hospitals and other health facilities for informtaion required by internal and external stakeholders relative to regulation

Complaint and Action Unit

Specific Functions:

  • Act on complaints and other concerns against hospital or other health facilities and services and refer to proper government or private offices, agencies, hospitals or ealth facilities whenever necessary
  • Conduct fact-finding investigation on complaints against hospitals and other health facilities and services
  • Review and evaluate complaints received and via email
  • Prepare resolution/ decision on complaints thru phone calls and emails
  • Attend to walk in clients
  • Interview patients/ patients’s relative and hospitals representative regarding complaints and detention

Administrative Unit

Specific Function:

  • Provide general adminstrative, records services and logistic suppor services to the Bureau