Quality Statement

Quality Statement We, the Bureau of Health Facilities and Services, a world class regulatory body, commits to ensure safe health facilities and services which provides quality health care, through:   Boundless efforts for continues quality improvement Harmonized and streamlined regulatory processes Fair enforcement of policies and standards Service oriented and competent staff.   we guarantee continue reading : Quality Statement

Our Mandate

Our Mandate By virtue of Executive Order 119 s. 1986 “Reorganizing the Ministry of Health, Its Attached Agencies and for Other Purposes”, the Bureau of Medical Services (BMS) was abolished and its regulatory functions were performed by the Bureau of Licensing and Regulation (BLR). The implementation of E.O. 102 s. 1999 “Redirecting the Functions and continue reading : Our Mandate

Vision & Mission

  Vision A World Class Regulatory body for excellence health care     Mission To set regulatory policies and standards as mandated for licensing, accreditation, and monitoring of health facilities to ensure quality health care